Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Egg & Green Veges Fried Rice

Chinese or Oriental food is what I have an unqunechable greed for!! Iam never tired of eating it. And I can say that finally my husband and I have something in common. So even if I suddenly pop up with an idea to eat out at a Chinese outlet I have no oppositions to face!! And with in no time we can be spotted in the nearest Noodle bar or Mainland China or Wangs..

I have heard from various people including my husband who has travelled to Far eastern countries that Oriental food is very weird in taste in their country. Probably we have been accustomed to an Indianised chinese food!! That reminds me of a program which was aired on Discovery Travel & Living about the person who first invented the (once upon a time) most prefered chinese dish in India which you would apparently never find in China, the Gobi Manchurian and the (red in color, maida coated) chilly chicken. But thank God, far eastern cuisines has evolved drastically over a period of time in India that we get to eat a better looking and healthier versions of Oriental food these days!! It is no longer ajinomoto that lets out the flavor to food!!

  • 1 cup - Small grained rice
  • 1 shoot - Spring Onions, Chopped
  • 1/2 - Capsicum, chopped
  • 6-8 - French Beans, chopped
  • 2 - Eggs, beaten
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 Tsp - White Pepper Powder
  • 2 tbsp - Sesame Oil
  • Cook and strain the rice and cool it for atleast an hour. Cold rice when sauted on high flame remain separate and do not tend to stick. Whereas if you use steaming hot rice to make fried rice it sticks to the wok when on flame.
  • Heat a flat pan with some vegetable oil. Put some salt and pepper into the eggs and make an omelete. Once done cut it into square pieces 1"x1" dimension.
  • Heat the sesame oil in a wok or large kadhai. Chinese use sesame oil predominantly which gives a very distinct flavor. Some people dont like the strong earthy smell of sesame, in that case you may mix vegetable oil with sesame oil in equal quantity and use.
  • Put the beans and saute for a minute on high flame. Saute the spring onions and capsicum and the eggs. Spirnkle salt and pepper according to taste. Once done empty the rice into the wok and saute till the rice is coated with the oil and the flavoring.
  • Serve with any chinese side dish


sri said...

no soy sauce for fried rice ?
can it be called a chinese dish without adding soy ?

Wikipedia says Soy Sauce is a fermented sauce made from soybeans (soya beans), roasted grain, water and salt. Soy sauce was invented in China, where it has been used as a condiment for close to 2,500 years.

Soy sauce has been integrated into the traditional cuisines of many East Asian and South East Asian cultures. Soy sauce is widely used as a particularly important flavoring in Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisine.

In traditional Chinese cooking, one of the two types (Light or fresh,Dark or Old), or a mixture of both, is employed to achieve a particular flavour and colour for the dish.

Divz said...

soy suace is not mandatory for fried rice. when you are stir frying veges, the flavor should come from the fried veges. Seasoning depends from people to people. Authentic Chinese fried rice doesnt use soy coz of which their fried rice remains white and Indian fried rice has that light brown color..

sri said...

The purists way of doin it huh - "Authentic Chinese fried rice" ha ha
Well ... u r the one who is makin it,so u know best.
ee reality shows il rating koottan adi undakunathu pole ,should we start with a face-off on wat is authentic chinese food or not?ha ha

Godzown said...

Hello Divya,
Congrats on the new blog!Looks really YUMMY!:-)
Some recipies are totally new to me...will definetiely try them.

Divz said...

hey thanks a lot emi for ur wishes...pls chk with soni whether they taste good too or not...ha ha ha

Divz said...

sri...athu veno?? njan jeevichu poyikotte..eniku rating kutaan adi pidikandey!!

Godzown said...

Hey...Thumbs up from soni.Heard u are a good cook.
But as always he 's an ahangari(he told me tat he taught u everything...i wouldn believe everything.....:-))..

Jokes apart... should say tat he does have 'kaypuniyam" i still have the taste of the fish curry n cabbage thoran he made one day:-)DONT TELL HIM THOU...heheh

So 2 great ppl in a kithcen!:-)Keep going!

Murgikhana said...

hey... btw try the light soy sauce and you will see that fried rice doesnt turn brown in color... it happens because you are using the dark soy sauce!!!

Anonymous said...
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