Thursday, February 5, 2009

A moment of joy!!

It was been so thoughtful of some of my co-bloggers cum friends to have passed on some very valuable awards to me but I always forget to pass it on. And today morning when I received the award from Varsha I made up my mind to reciprocate my affection towards them as well as their creation by bestowing them with a very unique award - an award created by me exclusively for you all!! Anyways let me start by thanking them - better late than never :)

Thanks a lot Lubna for my first award - the Wylde Woman Award". It sure did make a lot of difference.
Thanks Veena for passing those bunch of awards like 360 degree foodie award, Butterfly award, Great buddy, Perfect blend of friendship, Yum yum blog award and Kreative blogger award. I was delighted to get all of those!!

Thanks Varsha to have passed on a "Good Chat Blog Award" - the recent most in my kitty of awards!!

So Lubna, Veena and Varsha - this one is for the three of you!!
I would also pass it on to three other special blogger friends of mine - Shn, Tina and Anudivya.

Feel free to share this award with people you feel are eligible .. Spread a smile around!!



Viki Xavier. said...

Hi divz , Thanks for visiting and for those lovely words. first time in ur blog. Actually I enjoyed reading ur 'about me ' page. Thats adorable dear. Me too , a big foodie gal:)
Congrats on ur awards dear.. Going thro' all ur posts now ... u have a yummy blog. I m sure u deserve all those awards. Happy blogging dear.

anudivya said...

How sweet Divz... thanks so much for the awards and being such a darling about it.
Congrats on all of them too.
Oh, and one more thanks for encouraging my mil's blog! :)

Adlak's tiny world said...

hi divz thanks for dropping by and yr lovely words.. u too have a wonderful blog and book marked yr shahi tukda.

congrats for all your awards and wishing u to get more and more.

Mishmash ! said...

Congrats Divz :)

When re you sending me that chef's hat? :D
when u send the hat, parcel some unakka chemmen varuthathu- too :))

Thanks a bunch !

Divz said...

viki - thanks a lot for all ur kind words!! appreciate the time u took to read all the posts..

anu - thanks anu for dropping in and collecting ur well deserved award

adlak - thanks a lot for dropping in dear..

shn - thanks for ur wishes...u come to hyd and i will crown u with the chef hat!! he he!! well, till then be happy with a pic mrs. super duper chef!!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow congrats and thank you for thinking of me dear.

That's really a creative work...

veena said...

Thanks a lot for the award dear ..By the by the new face of the blog is very much attractive ..Keep its up and happy blogging ..

Gayathri Gopinath said...

Hi Divz
First time in your blog......yum recipes and nice blog
Congrats on your awards......
Happy Blogging....... :)