Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nellika Juice / Gooseberry Juice

Indian Gooseberries are one of those fruits which has all kind of tastes - sweetness, sourness and bitterness. Known for its robust source of Vitamin C & cooling effect, Gooseberry has lots of importance in Ayurveda. They are either consumed raw, dried or pickled. In north India there is this unique method of preserving gooseberry(called Morabba) which is sugar coated amla. Having a few pieces of Morabbaa every day is considered to boost your resistance power and immunity. In kerala gooseberries are used primarily for ayurvedic medicines, hair oil, pickling and even for preparing fish curry!!

Was Simply browsing when I came across this website which mentions innumerous benefits of this beautiful fruit.
Thats when I thought of jotting down this appetizer drink which I had from my Brother's Mother- in-law house. The proportion of the ingredients were derived through just mere trial and error basis, keeping in mind the taste of the juice aunty served.

Ingredients:(make 2 glasses of the drink)
  • 1 large sized - Gooseberry/Nellika, cut into small pieces
  • 1 sprig - Curry leaves
  • 1 small piece - Ginger
  • Approx 2 cup - Water
  • Salt to tase


  • Grind all the ingredients with just enough water into a fine paste.
  • Add rest of the water and blend well
  • Strain it and serve immediately.


veena said...

Hi divz..
I came to knw abt ur blog through kaipunyam ...Nowdays i am a regular visitor of ur blog ...nellikka juice ende achan stiram aayi kazhikkarund ..but enikku blog il post cheyyan ulla idea thonniyilla..!!:) Anyway nic work ..

keep up the good work ..

Mishmash ! said...

i have heard about nellikka wine....but juice ..thats new to me....sounds really sugar needed?

Tina said...

Hey Divz.... was nice to see the Nelikka juice... photoyum nallathayittundalloo...:) kollam... I will keep visiting for ur new recipes...!!

Maria said...

nice pic divz...I was introduced to nellika juice by my mil & I loved it at the first time itself. She also makes the same way and at times she adds ginger lemon syrup for a change.